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ANUGA 2021 - Salone internazionale dell'alimentazione.

ANUGA 2021 - Salone internazionale dell'alimentazione.

Salone internazionale dell'alimentazione. Interview Oliver Frese, COO Koelnmesse GmbH "For me as a fair manager, I am really proud about the commitment of the food and beverage industry for their ANUGA. With exhibitors from about 100 nations it is clearly underlined that ANUGA will have a good future and the fair industry in Germany will have a strong future as well. And the ANUGA show this year is the first event with a hybrid event. That means that not only 4.600 exhibitors here in cologne are participating at the fairground but also the same counts of exhibitors participate in our hybrid platform. And for our exhibitors the platform ANUGA will be much more worthful than ever before. " Interview Franz-Martin Rausch, CEO, Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels e.V. "Sustainable products are growth drivers in food retailing. This can be seen particularly well, for example, in the organic range where we have a turnover of almost 10 billion a year. That is three times as much as 10 years ago. But also, for example, the whole area of animal welfare products is a strong segment, which is increasingly in demand." Interview Franz-Martin Rausch CEO, Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels e.V. "There is no direct international comparison, but there is certainly a trend towards organic and towards regional products in all western countries and that is certainly a trend that applies to all developed countries." Interview Henrik Lund CEO, Naturli "We feel a huge consumer demand but also a huge retailer demand for the Naturli products. They are one to one with alternative food and Anuga food fair is the place to be. It is our priority number one when we look at food fairs all over the world. We are also showcasing our products in the US, but Anuga is priority one. Here we meet retailers from all over the world and it is a great place to meet." Interview Amr Elsayed, Export Manager, Laperva "Functional food or healthy food it’s now a trend. That’s why we find that the customer’s behaviour is going to consume a lot of functional food. That’s why our company now manufacture only healthy food, there is no sugar added for example in Keto. Also Keto is a trend now that customer, they want something with low carb and with high protein, that’s why we are here."
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